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IPAS provides a complete line of pumps and related products for industrial and mining applications. Our sales department can engineer complete pumping systems to meet your individual requirements. Pump surveys are available to assess your plant demands.

We are the only company that offers the complete line of metal expansion joints, ball joints, flex connectors, and metal hoses.

On-site training in the maintenance and repair of pumps is available and tailored to meet your individual requirements. Installation or repair service is also available as needed.

The Summit Model 2196 ANSI standard pumps are manufactured for a wide range of flow and head requirements and meet the revised ANSI B75.1M specifications. The Summit 2196 combines high efficiency, maximum performance and extended mean time between failure for reduced maintenance cost.
All Summit 2196 power ends are equipped with In-Pro bearing isolators and carry a full 3-year warranty.

The Summit Clark 3 Group I, II & III pumps and parts are functionally and dimensionally interchangeable with existing Durco units.
Standard ANSI, recessed impeller and low flow models are all available. Indexed bearing housings for easy and accurate impeller adjustment.

Gorman-Rupp Super T Series pumps are not only the best self-priming, solids handling trash pumps available, they are also the most economical, trouble-free self-primers on the market today.
Super T pumps feature a large volute design which allows them to reprime automatically in a completely open system without the use of foot valves. Other features are an external shimless cover plate (with handle) which allows for easy adjustment of the clearance between the impeller and wearplate, thus doubling the life of the impeller and wearplate. Exclusive Gorman Rupp cartridge seal and double lip seals to protect the bearings and clear glass to monitor seal and bearing oil.
Sizes available 2" to 10" in cast iron, stainless steel, CD4MU, Alloy 20 and ADI (austempered ductile iron). All Gorman-Rupp Super T Pumps Have A Full 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Waukesha stainless steel centrifugal pumps are manufactured for a wide range of flow and head.
Pumps are in compliance with A3 standards and available in standard sanitary clamp connections or optional bevel seat, NPT thread and ANSI flanged.
Waukesha parts are interchangeable with other leading brands.


Portable submersible, de-watering, non-clog trash heavy duty sump. Effluent and sewage ejectors grinder. Wet & dry pit submersible process. Split case centrifugal. Industrial process canned pumps.

Electric, gas or diesel driven. Self-priming diaphragms trash and solids handling pumps.

Cast iron submersible pumps. Effluent and drainage, water, slurry, wastewater, flood control. Dry or wet pit installations, non-clog pumps, vortex type pumps. propeller pumps. Control panels, hoists, guide rails. Up to 800 HP and 55,000 GPM.

Stainless submersible, centrifugal and self-priming pumps. Effluent, drainage, de-watering, sewage and water applications. Submersibles to 185 G PM, 65' TDH. Centrifugals to 380 GPM, 285' TDH.

Corrosion resistant centrifugal and drum pumps.

Gorman-Rupp manufactures a full line of industrial pumps designed for reliability, performance and ease of service. The Super T series pumps are designed for economical and trouble free operation in handling solids laden liquids and slurries. The large volute design allows them to re-prime automatically in a completely open system without the need for suction or discharge check valves and can do so with only a partially filled casing and dry suction line. Sized from 2" - 10". Solids handling to 3". The "10" series pumps are specifically designed for handling solids and corrosive liquids and slurries. If a clog occurs, it can be removed easily through the cover plate opening without disturbing the piping. Sizes from 11/2" - 6". Solids handling to 21/2". The "U" series are among the most efficient self-priming solids handling pumps available. Multi-vane, open impeller is designed for high efficiency yet can still handle solids up to 11/4". Sizes 3" - 6". The "80" series is a high efficiency pump designed for non-stop work loads. The straight-in suction design guarantees quick, positive self-priming and allows the pump to operate at higher suction levels than most self-priming centrifugal pumps. Sizes from 11/4" -8". Solids to 23/8". Solids to 23/8". The "90" series pumps feature a compact design which makes them ideal for applications where space is critical or where several pumps have a straight-in suction design (there is no check valve) which eliminates entrance restrictions and proved better suction performance when handling solvents and similar clear liquids. Sizes from 2" - 6". Solids to 5/8". Pump materials available are Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, CD4MU, G-R Hard Iron, Aluminum and Bronze. Contact IPAS to determine what is available on each series. Gorman-Rupp pumps include: electric (direct drive or belt driven), gas and diesel driven. Flows from 50-9500 GPM, head to 600'.

Air driven, diaphragm pumps for sludge and slurry applications. Optional pump linings for extremely corrosive or abrasive material.

Internal rotary gear pumps for thick, viscous liquids with viscosities to 250,000 SSU's. High temperature units to 675 °F.

Electric, gas or diesel driven. Portable submersible self-priming centrifugal, high pressure contractor pumps.

Chemical feed pumps. Magnetically driven, mechanically actuated, motor driven, hydraulically actuated simplex and duplex systems. Liquid ends of ductile Iron, 316 SS, Alloy 20, polypropylene and others. Up to 820 GPH and pressures to 4000 PSI.

Jet eductors, in-tank mixers, in-line and tank heaters. Penberthy offers a simple, practical and inexpensive way to pump, mix or heat a wide range of liquids, bulk solids, dry powders or gasses used in the process industry. Materials available include: Cast iron, stainless steel, hastelloys, PVC, polypropylene and kynar.

Aftermarket manufacturers of replacement parts for Gould, Peerless, Durco, Ingersoll-Rand, Worthington, and others.

ANSI dimensional process end suction centrifugal pumps. Ductile iron, stainless steel, CD4MU and other alloys. Heavy duty paper stock pumps. Sizes range from 1x11/2-6 to 8x10-17. 100% interchangeability parts & pumps for Goulds 3196 & 3175 Durco Mark II and III, Peerless 8196 & 8175.

Plastic pumps, horizontal, vertical and seal-less centrifugal. Positive displacement pumps.

Metal and plastic air operated double diaphram (AODD) pumps. Designed to handle anything from water, chemicals, solvents and dry product to 90% solids. Ideal for abrasive and viscous materials. Able to run dry indefinitely without damage, completely submerged or with flooded suction. Self-priming lifts to 20'. The flexibility of Versa-Matic will allow you to vary discharge pressures or flow without freeze-ups or the use of lubrication oils. Versa-Matic offers food grade sanitary pumps, UL listed for spark free operation, split manifold operation and solids handling. Uses include: de-watering, ink and pigment dispensing, carwash, oil & quick lube operations, chemical batching/dosing, drum and pail transfer, adhesive dispensing, paints, beer and wine, mine tailings, slurries, construction waste water. Materials include: aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, hastelloy, polypropylene, Teflon elastomers, neoprene, Buna-n, sanoprene, and others.

316 stainless steel sanitary centrifugal pumps. Close couples or long coupled. 3A standards, low cost. 100% interchangeability with Tri-Clover. Standard tri-clamp connections with NPT or ANSI flanged option. Ranges from 4 GPM to 1100 GPM, TDH to 300'.

Progressive cavity pumps for industrial or municipal application. Constant non-pulsating flow to transfer high and low viscosity products with or without solids or long fibers in suspension. Simple installation, operation and maintenance. Product remains unchanged during pumping process. Self-priming primary applications include: sugar industry, municipalities, food & beverage, canning, pulp & paper, chemical, crude oil & more.



Metal expansion joints, ball joints, flexible metal hose. ANSI flanged, NPT, butt weld connections available. Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and other materials available.

Submersible with integral motors from 1.7 to 24 HP direct or gear driven. High efficiency impellers. No-clog operation.
Welded bellows-type mechanical seals. Cartridge seals, split seals, tandem seals. Inspection and repair of all makes of mechanical seals.
Air regulators, filters, lubricators
Separator elements, air filters, fluid filters, coalescing filters
* All products not represented in all areas.
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